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That Beach Called Masasa

The public must have been caught off-guard when the national government closed Boracay for rehabilitation. With said incident, beach-loving people were forced to find alternatives to the famous island.

Batangas is definitely one good option if you need a dose of the sea. Most people might prefer Laiya because of its proximity and because it can be reached just by land transfer. There is also a number of good hotels and resorts in Laiya.

But for those who are willing to travel a bit more and are on tight budget, the town of Tingloy is definitely another good choice.

Masasa Beach during morning

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Error 404: Crystal Not Found

It was in August 2017 when we decided to hit the beach again. It was planned for about a month, and we were lucky af because there were two typhoons in the country during our scheduled trip (thank you Isang and Jolina).

Crystal Beach Resort is located in San Narciso, Zambales. Unlike most beach destinations weโ€™ve visited before, we did not need to ride a boat to reach Crystal Beach since it can be reached by car. In fact, they have a good parking space.

I think Isang and Jolina affected the cleanliness of the water.

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6 Tips for An Exceptional HK Disneyland Experience

For first timers in Hong Kong, Disneyland is one spot you should definitely not miss. Everyone who grew up with Disney characters will consider such experience a dream come true. And for us Squad Boys, the experience was extra special because at the time of our visit, there were attractions which featured the Avengers!

In this entry, I wrote down several tips which I think can somehow be helpful for those who will visit HK Disneyland for the first time.

1 Opening_1
Almost every visitor have their selfies taken with this arch.

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The Newbie Guide to Hong Kong (by a Newbie)

If you will ask your biyahero friends on where to go for your first out of the country trip, I bet Hong Kong will be first on their suggestions. Factors for such recommendation might include:

  1. cheaper fare and expenses (as compared to other countries)
  2. minimal culture shock (fellow Filipinos are almost everywhere to help you out)
  3. less chances of having jet lag (flight is just 2-3 hours from Manila)
Hong Kong at night is such a beauty.

In this blog, I will share you my experience on how I and the Squad Boys managed to enjoy a 5-day tour in Hong Kong with a budget of less than P20,000 each. Donโ€™t worry, just a couple of merienda meals were skipped for me to reach the budget.

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If you will be traveling to a far away area just like Ilocos, it would be good if you book your accommodations beforehand instead of just walking in. Imagine yourselves on road for 10 hours, bodies exhausted, and you can’t find a place to stay. We don’t want tired faces on our travel selfies, right?

So I listed here the transient houses where we stayed during our Ilocandia escapade, Holy Week of 2017. The rates that I will state are their prices during peak season. Just contact them directly for inquiries. Continue reading “ILOCOS’ HOMES AWAY FROM HOME”

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Water, Earth and Air of Ilocos Norte

While the capital city of Ilocos Sur boasts of colonial architecture and history, the towns of Ilocos Norte take pride in their greeneries and blue waters. For most travelers, Pagudpud is the main destination in the northern part of the Ilocos Region due to its fine and white sand beaches. If you are travelling from Vigan, it will take you around 3-4 hours to reach Pagudpud. But if youโ€™re straight from Manila, it will be an estimate of 13-15-hour road trip. For those who canโ€™t take such tiring trips but have the extra money, I believe airplane flights are available from Manila to Pagudpud.

Pagudpud 2
Buwis-buhay shot! Cars were already approaching. Haha!

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