Oh My Gooddies!

It was a dark and gloomy night and few souls were left in the cold office. In the midst of silence, weird noises can be heard. If you were to follow the source of the sounds, you would find out that our poor stomachs were the culprits. After hours of enduring, we couldn’t take it anymore. Hunger games were not suited for us. Voices were already whispering, and it wanted us to consume pares. And so, we decided to visit one of the well-known pares houses in Valenzuela City: Gooddies Pares.

I always see Gooddies Pares everytime I take the bus. They have two branches along MacArthur Highway – one in Dalandanan and one in Marulas. At that specific night, my officemates and I chose to try the one in Marulas.

By just looking at their parking area, it can already be deduced that Gooddies Pares has already established its patrons. My officemate Erwin had a hard time parking his motorcycle. Take note that it was already late night when we got there.

Christmas vibes in the middle of the year! 

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Bowling in the Deep


People close to me must already know that I am not the athletic type of person. Physical Education (PE) was torture for me. I’d rather sit in a classroom and listen to an hour-long lecture than get all sweaty and tired in jogging pants. But of course, everyone was required.

One of the PE subjects I have taken was Duckpin Bowling. I think it was five years ago, in the now burnt bowling alleys of Fonacier Hall or the Alumni Center. My scores back then were just average, I think around 70-80. And if I remember it right, I once scored 110. Beat that! Well, somebody really beat that. Fame whore. Haha.

In the coming month, a sports fest will be held for the employees of the Valenzuela City Hall. Each department will compete with one another in the games of basketball, volleyball and… duckpin bowling. I have heard that our department will be conducting a tryout. Usually, I will just be passive regarding such matters. I’m not athletic nor competitive you know. I don’t know whose spirit possessed me that time. I joined the elimination round for duckpin bowling.

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Fine Ones in the City of Pines (Final Part)

And now… The end is near… So we must face this high mountain…

We woke up early because we didn’t want the sun to burn us while we hike for our last Baguio itinerary. I don’t know if this mountain has a name, but it is located just behind Adrian’s residence. Laurence, who is acrophobic, wasn’t really planning on going with us. But the force was strong in us. He had no choice.

Peek-a-boo! Romeo and Richie taking their first steps up the mountain.

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Fine Ones in the City of Pines (Part 2)

I woke up disoriented, thinking where I was. Oh yes, I was in Benguet. My companions were already dressing up for another day of tour around the City of Pines. I got up swiftly and showered. Water was so cold. Brr…

We expected that our second day was gonna be jam-packed, so we rented a service vehicle. I’m not certain but I think it costed us P3000 for the whole day, divided by the eight of us, so we contributed P375 each. I think it’s cheaper and more comfortable than looking for cabs after every destination.

Our service for the day. It was 20-seater but we were just eight! Nice!

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Feed · Flee

Fine Ones in the City of Pines (Part 1)

I still remember how jealous I was of my childhood friend a couple of decades ago. I was always his audience when he told stories about their annual family vacation in the City of Pines.  He used to boast of the mountains he saw while sitting near the shuttle window, of how enchanting it was to see the moon following them while riding the bus at night. He told me about the weather and why sweater was a requirement to survive the cold mists. He showed me pictures of his family posing in front of the giant lion statue, and how happy they were picking ripe strawberries. I was silent while he told his stories. In my mind, I was comparing my boring summer to the adventures of this lucky son of a… rich couple. I promised myself that when I’m old enough, I will try picking strawberries too while wearing layers of sweatshirts. Continue reading “Fine Ones in the City of Pines (Part 1)”

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Mandy Moore Asks


Elvie, our resident music jock at the office, has chosen to play a throwback playlist. And Mandy Moore was in her top 100. And the song which made it was… “Can We Still Be Friends?”

Cover art for the single Can We Still Be Friends by artist Todd Rundgren. Thanks Wikipedia!

Okay Mandy.Thank you for that wonderful yet intriguing question. Can ex-lovers still become friends? Of course whatever I say here is just an opinion. I would like to apologize beforehand if this comes out like bird poop as compared to Joe D’ Mango’s Lovenotes.

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The Broke Investor


I am not rich. Actually, I do my best to stay away from my officemates who are regular patrons of fastfood chains, milk tea stands, and other forms of money quagmires. I save as much as possible. But no. I’m not who you think I am. I ain’t that responsible. What I save goes to whatever out-of-town trip my friends are planning for the coming months.

Ermita Hill in Baler, Aurora


I believe it was two years ago when I joined this circle. I actually don’t know how I fit in with them. They all work in a big time company. Brilliant guys making money developing codes and other stuff related to the computer science. They were out of my league, really. But thanks to my best friend for introducing me to this circle. They may be intimidating at times, I may be out of place when they start talking with their jargons, but who cares. I enjoy listening, I enjoy observing, and I enjoy travelling with them.

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