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Mandy Moore Asks


Elvie, our resident music jock at the office, has chosen to play a throwback playlist. And Mandy Moore was in her top 100. And the song which made it was… “Can We Still Be Friends?”

Cover art for the single Can We Still Be Friends by artist Todd Rundgren. Thanks Wikipedia!

Okay Mandy.Thank you for that wonderful yet intriguing question. Can ex-lovers still become friends? Of course whatever I say here is just an opinion. I would like to apologize beforehand if this comes out like bird poop as compared to Joe D’ Mango’s Lovenotes.

Yes. I believe former lovers can be friends. Especially if you really are good friends before romance came in and ruined the platonic bond. But please, before deciding on doing so, make sure that both parties have moved on completely. I know it is hard to know. But you shared a special link. So maybe somehow, you know how he/she feels. Also, do not ever try going out with just the two of you together. You’re just friends right? If you have no plans on reviving the relationship, avoid rekindling the sparks. Being heartbroken big time once is enough. Let’s help ourselves. Okay? Next question please.




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