The Broke Investor


I am not rich. Actually, I do my best to stay away from my officemates who are regular patrons of fastfood chains, milk tea stands, and other forms of money quagmires. I save as much as possible. But no. I’m not who you think I am. I ain’t that responsible. What I save goes to whatever out-of-town trip my friends are planning for the coming months.

Ermita Hill in Baler, Aurora


I believe it was two years ago when I joined this circle. I actually don’t know how I fit in with them. They all work in a big time company. Brilliant guys making money developing codes and other stuff related to the computer science. They were out of my league, really. But thanks to my best friend for introducing me to this circle. They may be intimidating at times, I may be out of place when they start talking with their jargons, but who cares. I enjoy listening, I enjoy observing, and I enjoy travelling with them.

In every trip, the set of travellers change. It could be problems with their schedule, conflict with their girlfriends, and other instances which are out of our control. But in all of the trips I’ve been in so far, there are four main stays: Romeo, Laurence, Mark Anthony, and me. Romeo is my best friend since we were kids. Oh our tandem is too much that it can be written in hard bound books in several volumes.

Romeo being seductive at Anawangin Cove, Zambales

He introduced me to his bootcamp mates, Laurence and Mark back when Ragnarok Online was still a hype. We gain levels in the same party, and climbed up the endless tower. We are currently guildmates in Summoners War.

Laurence conquering his acrophobia on our way to Baler Lighthouse
Mark drowning at Dinadiawan, Aurora

And now, they are the reasons why I go full broke at most twice a year. But that’s fine. Just like what explorers say, “travelling is a good investment”. And who knows, maybe one day, they realize that their salaries are lot bigger than mine and it won’t hurt them that much if they treat me in every trip. *wink wink*

From left: Mark, Ian, Jonathan, Romeo, Laurence, Kevin and me on our way to Baler Lighthouse

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