Fine Ones in the City of Pines (Part 2)

I woke up disoriented, thinking where I was. Oh yes, I was in Benguet. My companions were already dressing up for another day of tour around the City of Pines. I got up swiftly and showered. Water was so cold. Brr…

We expected that our second day was gonna be jam-packed, so we rented a service vehicle. I’m not certain but I think it costed us P3000 for the whole day, divided by the eight of us, so we contributed P375 each. I think it’s cheaper and more comfortable than looking for cabs after every destination.

Our service for the day. It was 20-seater but we were just eight! Nice!

Before anything else, we took pictures with the famous Lion’s Head along Kennon Road. There was a lot people around the statue, and everyone was  busy taking their souvenir photo.

From left: Ian, Jonathan, Romeo, Mark, Laurence and Richie being certified tourists

Just blocks away was the Kennon Road Viewpoint. It was calming to have a clear view of the green mountains from such a high spot.

Don’t miss this spot when in Kennon Road! Your few minutes will surely be worth it. Promise. 
The boys feeling high as fck. Literally high.

Our next stop was the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). The land area was so huge that I felt it was a city itself. Haha.

The fighters of this generation. Sorry. We’re doomed.
I have a feeling that this will trend. 
“Who’s the good boy?”
I think we’re ready in case the Fire Nation attacks.
There they are! I apologize for I am poor and can’t afford zoom lens.
In Loki’s voice: “We have an army.”

Next stop: Diplomat Hotel. For Ragnarok players like us, it felt like Glast Heim.

The weather was gloomy when we arrived. Additional production value for a horror experience!
Look at the rightmost window of the first floor. Seen something? Yeah. Me neither.
“Magnus Exorcismus !!”

We weren’t able to explore more parts of the Diplomat Hotel because some of the areas were under maintenance. It was frustrating, but at least the possibility that some weird entities might follow us home was lessened. 😀

Next stop: Strawberry Farm! It was in La Trinidad and was kind of far from the city proper. But who cares! It’s a dream come true for me! Oh hello there childhood friend! Cue in Chris Brown’s Look at Me Now.

There were different sets of crops! Haven for salad enthusiasts!
The farmers said that we should be careful when picking strawberries to avoid squashing them.
Sad strawberries. Other tourists might have already picked the good ones. 
Oh hello there! It was nice meeting you here and not in the markets!
The sky being undecided whether it should be sunny or cloudy.
Hello Manang Farmer! Thank you for providing strawberries to Manila and other parts of the country!

When in the farm, try the strawberry taho and ice cream just to complete the experience. I wasn’t able to take pictures of us eating because my hands were all sticky. Sorry.

Next stop: Mines View Park. If you want a better view of the mountain ranges, Mines View Park is the place to go. You can buy various Baguio memorabilia here like keychains, shirts, ethnic costumes, potted plants and many more.

It was crowded when we arrived. It felt like SM had a three-day sale.
Richie with one of the big dogs of Mines View. You can take pictures with the dogs for P20. 
Romeo, Mark and Laurence finding out how it feels like to be Igorots.

It was already dark but we still have one destination in the day’s itinerary: the Botanical Garden. It was about to close when we got there. And it was really dark. I can’t see the beauty of said botany. So we just decided to take pictures at the garden’s facade. You know, just a proof in case somebody ask us.

The Botanical Garden was already dark… and full of terrors. 

We were all starving after a whole day of walking and semi-hiking. We just bought meals at Good Taste Restaurant and had dinner at home. We ate like vikings that night because the next day was a tiring one.



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