Fine Ones in the City of Pines (Final Part)

And now… The end is near… So we must face this high mountain…

We woke up early because we didn’t want the sun to burn us while we hike for our last Baguio itinerary. I don’t know if this mountain has a name, but it is located just behind Adrian’s residence. Laurence, who is acrophobic, wasn’t really planning on going with us. But the force was strong in us. He had no choice.

Peek-a-boo! Romeo and Richie taking their first steps up the mountain.

There were people residing on some parts of the mountain and they planted their crops on the area.

I hope that nobody takes away these lands from such small time farmers. For a more comprehensive agrarian reform!
I’m not sure if it was a swimming pool, but I think it’s a part of their irrigation system. Isn’t it amazing?

We made a stop when we reached a couple of houses and a random woman offered us some ripe guavas. They were freshly picked, so soft, so good. I don’t know up to now who that lady was. Could it be the Wicked Queen from Snow White? Just kidding, thank you ate for the treats!

Living on the mountain is so peaceful. Take this dog as the evidence. PS: Thank you Ate for the guavas!
The boys figuring out how to eat a guava.
The guavas must be drugged, and Jonathan was overdosed. Hahaha. 

After the quick stop, we continued passing on the slopes and across the crops.

I think these were corn. Spoiler: Richie will become corny. 
“Into the woods, it’s time, and so I must begin my journey…”

And would you look at that. After about an hour of trekking, we reached a good spot for sight seeing.

I hope that these areas will remain green until the end of time. 

We continued hiking and I was surprised that we were already back on the road. The Kennon Road. How did that happen? Haha. We then walked the stretch of the steep road.

There was an apparition when we walked along the Kennon Road! JK it was a grotto. JK again I know you know. 
Doggies hanging around on the side of the road. 
Their gasoline station was cute! 
The boys pretending it was a selfie, when in reality it was I who was taking the photo. PS: Thank you Adrian’s cousin/friend (in blue sando, sorry I forgot your name) for accompanying us in the road trip.

And that ended our Baguio trip. It was cool, literally and figuratively. It felt like it was my first time even if it wasn’t. Each travelling experience is really different depending on who your companions are. Baguio is a big city, and there’s a lot more to experience, to explore. I know I’ll be back. And I’ll bag more memories.

BAGUIO BUDDIES From left: Adrian, Ian, Adrian’s lola, Romeo, Mark, Laurence, Jonathan, Richie, me and Adrian’s cousin/friend (I’m sorry okay).

3 thoughts on “Fine Ones in the City of Pines (Final Part)

      1. You can visit any time you like. Baguio will be our hometown away from hometown. 😁. Also, if you want to visit Africa er Burkina Faso or Senegal, I can be your tour guide. 😱


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