Bowling in the Deep


People close to me must already know that I am not the athletic type of person. Physical Education (PE) was torture for me. I’d rather sit in a classroom and listen to an hour-long lecture than get all sweaty and tired in jogging pants. But of course, everyone was required.

One of the PE subjects I have taken was Duckpin Bowling. I think it was five years ago, in the now burnt bowling alleys of Fonacier Hall or the Alumni Center. My scores back then were just average, I think around 70-80. And if I remember it right, I once scored 110. Beat that! Well, somebody really beat that. Fame whore. Haha.

In the coming month, a sports fest will be held for the employees of the Valenzuela City Hall. Each department will compete with one another in the games of basketball, volleyball and… duckpin bowling. I have heard that our department will be conducting a tryout. Usually, I will just be passive regarding such matters. I’m not athletic nor competitive you know. I don’t know whose spirit possessed me that time. I joined the elimination round for duckpin bowling.

I have this bit of confidence that I can somehow score good during the tryout since I have prior knowledge about the sport.

But no. I scored 57, while the others got 70 to 80. Crushed ego. That’s what you get when you let your heart win. Hahaha.

Kuya Chris, being the competitive guy that he is, wants to attend the tryout for all the sports.
Kuya Chris aiming for a strike, just like everybody else.
I don’t know how Kuya Alfie does it, but just when I thought his ball goes by the gutter, it rolls back to the center and makes a strike. What sorcery was that?
With all her spares and breaks, Mamita was one with the high scorers.
Don’t look. It’s embarassing. Hahahuhu.

Well, I’m not really planning on being the official representative of our department in the sports fest anyway. I just wanted to breathe out of the office and to reminisce my bowling days. (Okay. I know. I’m being defensive here. Haha.)

One good outcome of me joining the eliminations is that I found out that there is a bowling center in Valenzuela. The name of the establishment is Star-Ville Bowling Center located at 3rd Floor, Felisa Bldg. MacArthur Highway, Malinta. Their rate is P30 per game. Not bad right?

Unlike in malls where alleys are automated, the pins here are manually placed.
The Bowling Center is at the 3rd Floor so losers can just jump off the building. Sorry, bad joke.

So if you want to try something *ehem* athletic, you might want to try duckpin bowling here. You can invite me too, and let me prove that I can do better that 57.


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