Oh My Gooddies!

It was a dark and gloomy night and few souls were left in the cold office. In the midst of silence, weird noises can be heard. If you were to follow the source of the sounds, you would find out that our poor stomachs were the culprits. After hours of enduring, we couldn’t take it anymore. Hunger games were not suited for us. Voices were already whispering, and it wanted us to consume pares. And so, we decided to visit one of the well-known pares houses in Valenzuela City: Gooddies Pares.

I always see Gooddies Pares everytime I take the bus. They have two branches along MacArthur Highway – one in Dalandanan and one in Marulas. At that specific night, my officemates and I chose to try the one in Marulas.

By just looking at their parking area, it can already be deduced that Gooddies Pares has already established its patrons. My officemate Erwin had a hard time parking his motorcycle. Take note that it was already late night when we got there.

Christmas vibes in the middle of the year! 

The food was good especially on cold nights.

You can see your order being prepared since their kitchen is visibly located at the middle of the establishment.

Don’t worry Kuya. We are not from Imbestigador. Haha.

Ever wondered about the etymology of the word “pares”? According to our friend Wikipedia, “pares” is the Filipino translation of “pairs” and comes from the usual practice of serving it with garlic fried rice and a light beef broth soup. 

You can choose between a small or big bowl of fried rice. I must tell you that the big bowl is really big, good enough for a viking.

Diane and Elvie both ordered Beef Pares. Look at the fried rice! It’s so garlicky! Yum!
I ordered Lechon Pares. I can’t tell its difference from Lechon Paksiw.
Sir King ordered Breaded Pork Chop. Looks fabulous. Haha.
Hot bowl of Beef Mami! Perfect for the chilling night!
Their siomai here is bigger than those in random food stalls. And it tastes better too!

We weren’t able to taste everything that our eyes craved for because money was limited and payday was still several cries away. But with the food that we had, it’s thumbs up for Gooddies Pares. This is the perfect place when you wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. Their hearty meals will surely brighten up your dark and dull night.

From left: me, Erwin, Sir King, Elvie and Diane. Find your light! 



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