Soul Surfers in Baler: Mother’s Whips

Our tour guide needed to wake us earlier than dusk to make sure that we will have a better experience for our final day in Aurora. The last entry in our itinerary was the Ditumabo Mother Falls in the town of San Luis.

From our room in Sabang, it took us about half an hour to reach Barangay Ditumabo. Then, the road became narrower, and our van couldn’t pass through. We had to ride the tricycle to reach the starting point of our bloody trekking experience.

The view on our way to Barangay Ditumabo. The trees of life!

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Soul Surfers in Baler: Nourishment

In every trip out of town, one of the things that I look forward to are the places to eat at. Well actually, my tastebuds are not that sensitive to flavors. Just fill my stomach up and I’m happy. So when we visited Baler, our target places were buffet style restaurants. Yay!

Before anything else, I want to apologize for not taking enough pictures. It’s just that I forget everything when food is in front of me. Huhu. I suck at food blogging, sorry.


BAY’S INN (Sitio Labasin, Baler)

We had breakfast here buffet style. They had ham, hotdogs, eggs, pancakes, fried chicken, fried rice, pan de sal and a variety of spreads. I can actually live here for days.

10 Bay's Inn 2
Felt like reception for a wedding. Haha.
10 Bay's Inn 1
But why ladies only? Equality! Haha.

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Soul Surfers in Baler: The Outskirts

Baler isn’t the only reason to visit Aurora. If you’re like me who got frustrated of surfing and held grudge against Sabang Beach for it, there are other beaches across the province where you can just get your tan even if you are already tan. In our trip, we went to Dinadiawan Agri Beach Resort.

12 Dipaculao 1
The view on our way to Dinadiawan Agri Beach Resort. 
13 On road 1
Guess who doesn’t know how to do the Pabebe Wave.

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Soul Surfers in Baler: Warming Up

They say people get emotional when their birthdays are coming near. Last year, it was proven to me. I was depressed. My goals were blurry. My people were busy. And I can’t seem to feel my worth. I hid it. Because I am supposed to be Mr. Optimistic and I should chase silver linings. Maybe it was about work. Maybe it was about relationship. Whatever it was, I needed to breathe.

It was November and my travel squad was planning to go on another adventure. No matter how busy my schedule was, and no matter how broke I was, I said go. That was exactly what I needed.

It was Mark who usually organize such trips. He contacted several travel agencies and looked for the best bidder. And it was 8 Wonders Travel which was picked. I left the negotiation to them since I am never good with bargaining. At least, what ever happens to us, it will be Mark’s burden. Haha.

Fast forward to the trip proper, we were picked up by a private service at Eastwood Libis since most of the travel buddies were working there. The road trip started at exactly 1:00 AM. Most of us just slept through the trip since we were all from office work.

It was 7:00 AM when we reached our first stop: the giant Balete Tree at Brgy. Quirino. My friends who have been here before told me that I should try going inside the tree. Unfortunately, it was raining when we arrived so the tree was wet and the land was muddy. So our first stop somehow just became a restroom break / merienda break.

1 Balete Tree
It was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to experience becoming Bran or the Three-Eyed Raven.

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Cultivating Amity at Caffe La Tea

It was minutes before 5:00 PM. You were at your office and you have already finished your tasks. You were just waiting for the minute hand to hit 12. You made yourself busy scrolling up and down your phone. Your newsfeed was as diverse as the Milky Way. But of all the entries, one post opened your eyes wide. Your childhood best friend just got engaged!

Of course, being the ultimate journalist that you are, you had this urge to hear the details of the story first hand immediately. You both reside in Valenzuela City but it was almost a decade since you last saw each other. The last thing you talked about was the entrance exams you took for college. With news this big, the killer question is: where will you meet and catch up?

Good thing is that new restaurants and cafes are starting to sprout around the vibrant city lately. One of the top destinations that my friends feature in their Instagram posts is Caffe La Tea in Brgy. Malinta. It is just several walks across San Isidro Labrador Parish Church and a few blocks adjacent to BIR Bldg. (RDO 24).

The place is good for loners, and better with friends! (Pardon Cyril’s chubby cheeks.)

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