Cultivating Amity at Caffe La Tea

It was minutes before 5:00 PM. You were at your office and you have already finished your tasks. You were just waiting for the minute hand to hit 12. You made yourself busy scrolling up and down your phone. Your newsfeed was as diverse as the Milky Way. But of all the entries, one post opened your eyes wide. Your childhood best friend just got engaged!

Of course, being the ultimate journalist that you are, you had this urge to hear the details of the story first hand immediately. You both reside in Valenzuela City but it was almost a decade since you last saw each other. The last thing you talked about was the entrance exams you took for college. With news this big, the killer question is: where will you meet and catch up?

Good thing is that new restaurants and cafes are starting to sprout around the vibrant city lately. One of the top destinations that my friends feature in their Instagram posts is Caffe La Tea in Brgy. Malinta. It is just several walks across San Isidro Labrador Parish Church and a few blocks adjacent to BIR Bldg. (RDO 24).

The place is good for loners, and better with friends! (Pardon Cyril’s chubby cheeks.)

Upon entering the establishment, you can feel a certain coffee shop vibe. The brown accent of the ceiling, the colorful paintings, and the minimal lighting are just perfect for heart to heart talks.

I want this ceiling in my room! 

Caffe La Tea offers diverse options of food. They have coffee, milk tea, pasta and desserts. And I must give them extra points because unlike the common coffee shops, they offer rice meals! A Filipino meal isn’t complete without rice, right?

From left: Fuzzymelon with Rocksalt and Cheese, Fruit Tea, and Creme Caramel
Eiskaffe. Good luck with the pronunciation. Haha. 
Under Rice Toppings: Chick n’ Mushrooms
Under Rice Toppings: Pork Baby Back Ribs
Under Rice Toppings: Beef Pares
Under Rice Toppings: Beef Salpicao
Under Appetizers: Mojos
Under Appetizers: Crispy Baked Wings
Under Appetizers: Okinawa Salad
These cute cupcakes will welcome you upon entering the cafe. Diabetes alert!
Their utensils will be very happy to dine with you!

Their prices are reasonable. If you are a student who rely mainly on your allowance or just someone who’s always on a tight budget like me, this spot is good for you.

Their staff is also accommodating. They greet nicely once you entered the shop. They smile nicely which is refreshing especially when you’re having a bad day. And they always see to it that your water glass if full. Maybe because they don’t want you to think about that personality test on the glass being half-full or half-empty.

Their staff’s uniform seems to be Michael Jackson inspired.

So go ahead and set that appointment. Catch up with the chit-chats over a plate of pasta and a sweet cup of tea.


Caffe La Tea
KM14 McArthur Highway, Malinta, Valenzuela
(02) 281 3308
Follow them thru their Facebook page



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