Soul Surfers in Baler: The Outskirts

Baler isn’t the only reason to visit Aurora. If you’re like me who got frustrated of surfing and held grudge against Sabang Beach for it, there are other beaches across the province where you can just get your tan even if you are already tan. In our trip, we went to Dinadiawan Agri Beach Resort.

12 Dipaculao 1
The view on our way to Dinadiawan Agri Beach Resort. 
13 On road 1
Guess who doesn’t know how to do the Pabebe Wave.

Dinadiawan is located in the town of Dipaculao. It took us around two hours to reach the beach. Good thing that we ate buffet for breakfast.

11 Dinadiawan 1
A+ for creativity and effort.

The entrance fee was covered by the travel package. It was already noon when we arrived and nobody thought about our lunch. And we had minimal cash. The resort offers to cook food for their visitors. We ordered chicken curry for P500 thinking that it would somehow suffice for the seven of us. But no. It’s just the size of a sizzling plate. And to be honest, it’s just good for one hungry stomach. Haha. We did our best dividing the meal so everyone would have something to eat. Three spoons of rice with curry sauce is better than nothing at all, right? Haha.

11 Dinadiawan 2
It would have been better if we went fishing for a better lunch.

I believe there are residential houses around the resort. There were children playing and they were fishing. They must be lucky to live just beside the beach, except during storms of course.

11 Dinadiawan 3
Romeo and Mark being sand benders. 
11 Dinadiawan 4
Kevin being captured by the waves.
11 Dinadiawan 5
From left: Jonathan, Kevin, Laurence, Romeo and Mark. Ian was sleeping somewhere. Don’t worry. I’m fine being behind the camera.


The beach in Dinadiawan was nice. The sand was white and fine, better than those I’ve been in Central Luzon. The water was clear and clean, no traces of garbage except for tree branches and sea weeds. The waves were also peaceful, perfect for those who just want to sit and achieve profundity.

After a couple of hours swimming and throwing sand balls at each others, we travelled back to our room in Baler. Of course, quick stops are inevitable.

14 Ampere Beach
At Ampere Beach. I still don’t know what kind of pose we were trying to achieve here.

Our trip to Dinadiawan actually had a theme song and you won’t guess it. It’s Taylor Swift’s Love Story. Who would have thought that everyone in the van knew every word from its lyrics. Hahaha. Well, we’re breaking the stereotype.


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