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Soul Surfers in Baler: Nourishment

In every trip out of town, one of the things that I look forward to are the places to eat at. Well actually, my tastebuds are not that sensitive to flavors. Just fill my stomach up and I’m happy. So when we visited Baler, our target places were buffet style restaurants. Yay!

Before anything else, I want to apologize for not taking enough pictures. It’s just that I forget everything when food is in front of me. Huhu. I suck at food blogging, sorry.


BAY’S INN (Sitio Labasin, Baler)

We had breakfast here buffet style. They had ham, hotdogs, eggs, pancakes, fried chicken, fried rice, pan de sal and a variety of spreads. I can actually live here for days.

10 Bay's Inn 2
Felt like reception for a wedding. Haha.
10 Bay's Inn 1
But why ladies only? Equality! Haha.

PICNIC BAY (Purok 4, Sabang Beach, Baler)

Buffet again for lunch. They have seafood, veggies, common Filipino and Chinese food. They also offer unlimited iced tea. Picnic Bay is a blockbuster especially during lunch, so parking is a bit difficult during such time.

It really is a fiesta! (photo not mine)


8 Gerry Shan 2
You can watch the surfers while you eat!
8 Gerry Shan 1
Good job hiding the “abs”.


GERRY SHAN’S PLACE (Quezon St., Brgy. 2, Baler)

Yes. He is the same Chef Gerry at the Picnic Bay. I think their menu is just the same. Maybe they just added a branch to accommodate other empty stomachs.

16 Gerry Shan's at Night
Buffet for dinner. Don’t judge us.


BALER SURFER GRILL (Baywalk Area, Sabang Beach, Baler)

We ran out of buffet restaurant to go to. And we were craving for grilled whatever. So here we went. The theme of the place is cool, literally and figuratively. From the kubo, the signages, and the Volkswagen turned grill. No need for air conditioning for the wind was so strong since it is just in front of the beach.

15 Baler Surfer Grill 1
The queue was long and we had to fall in line. Well, I can say that the wait was worth it.
15 Baler Surfer Grill 3
Their meals are affordable!
15 Baler Surfer Grill 2
Yes. Their grill was the car itself.


SPECIAL MENTION: DONNALYN STORE (Ditumabo Waterfalls, San Luis)

We would like to thank Donnalyn for saving us from starvation when we went hiking on our way to Ditumabo Waterfalls. I hope you can see this.

19 Donnalyn Store
The real Hunger Games.



I am sure we still missed a lot of food destination when we visited Baler. Don’t worry, we’ll be back and try the others. Just be affordable. Haha.


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