Soul Surfers in Baler: Mother’s Whips

Our tour guide needed to wake us earlier than dusk to make sure that we will have a better experience for our final day in Aurora. The last entry in our itinerary was the Ditumabo Mother Falls in the town of San Luis.

From our room in Sabang, it took us about half an hour to reach Barangay Ditumabo. Then, the road became narrower, and our van couldn’t pass through. We had to ride the tricycle to reach the starting point of our bloody trekking experience.

The view on our way to Barangay Ditumabo. The trees of life!

It was around 7:00am when we started walking our way to the great falls. It was November but it felt like it was Holy Week. There were a lot of people who appeared like they were going on a pilgrimage.

There’s no turning back now.


We had to pass though a muddy, rocky, and wet path. We had to cross a stream with strong current which I believe was coming from the falls. There were huge boulders and makeshift bridges out of logs. I would suggest that you wear trekking sandals because 1. your shoes will be soaking wet, and 2. you have to take your slippers off or the strong current will do it for you.

We underestimated this trip. We just ate leftover pizza for breakfast and we didn’t have any food in our bags. We were hungry! What is this? Our walk of atonement? Haha.

Hunger + Tiredness = not a good equation

Good thing was that there were few locals who sold snacks along the way. And I must thank Donnalyn, because her delicacies saved our small intestines from being eaten by the large ones.

These bananacues and hotdogs are lifesavers.

After roughly an hour of hunger and penance, we finally reached the majestic Mother Falls. The water was cold and clean that I think it can be bottled and be sold as mineral water. The force from the falls was strong that it can be utilized for hydroelectricity. Wait why do I sound like an opportunist businessman here?

Only a true warrior dares to face the whips of the mother.

Over all, the long walk was worth it. We enjoyed the view, the cold waters, and the bragging right we got from finishing the course. But to be honest, the finish line was just a bonus. What mattered most were the struggles and fun I have shared with the group. The idea of knowing that someone will pull you up when the current is taking you away. That someone will offer their hands when you need to go over the boulders. That someone will wait for you even if you walk as slow as a turtle. Miley Cyrus tells the truth. It’s all about the climb.

We’re good at pretending that we’re not tired, well except for Laurence. 

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