The Way to The Port of the Galleons

Another season for escapade has come. It was Romeo’s birthday and it was time to save the man from the cruelty of the city life. Romeo is a beach bum. He can stay in the waters for a whole day until he’s starving and his fingers are all wrinkled. So to celebrate his 24 years of existence, we decided to go to one of the most talked about spot for beach lovers. To Puerto Galera we went.

Disclaimer: Of all the things that I could have forgotten, it was my beloved camera which I left at home. Imagine the dismay. Left with no other choice, I was forced to use my phone camera. (My heart cringes until now.) Continue reading “The Way to The Port of the Galleons”


For Those Who are Never Punctual

I am a notorious latecomer. I’m sure almost everyone who knows me will agree. Imagine, in grade school, our house is just a couple of blocks away, yet I still come 5 minutes late. In high school, it was still walking distance and I arrive 10 minutes late. In college, minute was not the unit of measurement, since UP Diliman is three rides away from home. Then, I started working, and the habit remains the same.

Even Regina George doesn’t have faith in me.

You might think that being the ultimate latecomer is an honor for me, that I’m totally cool with it. No. I always feel guilty coming in when the meeting has already started, or when the ceremony is over. Every new year, punctuality is first in my list of resolutions. Sadly, it never materialized.

Just this Monday, I don’t know whose spirit possessed me. I challenged myself to be punctual even for just a week. And guess what, I somehow did it. I was on time in four out of five days! Well, still a good start right?

So what did I do? No, I did not undergo any brain calibration or take any potion. Below, I listed five of the tricks that I have tried for this mission of the century.

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How to Get Away with Sadness

Most of us, if not all, reach that point when we feel like life is betraying us and we just can’t take it anymore. That moment when your longtime partner suddenly left you for reason you never knew. When you failed your last college requirement when you thought you’ll be graduating in weeks. When your best dog died at the exact time when everything is pissing you off. You want to go to the edge of the world. Squeeze your tear ducts and shout all your frustrations out.

Where am I going? What am I doing with my life?

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