For Those Who are Never Punctual

I am a notorious latecomer. I’m sure almost everyone who knows me will agree. Imagine, in grade school, our house is just a couple of blocks away, yet I still come 5 minutes late. In high school, it was still walking distance and I arrive 10 minutes late. In college, minute was not the unit of measurement, since UP Diliman is three rides away from home. Then, I started working, and the habit remains the same.

Even Regina George doesn’t have faith in me.

You might think that being the ultimate latecomer is an honor for me, that I’m totally cool with it. No. I always feel guilty coming in when the meeting has already started, or when the ceremony is over. Every new year, punctuality is first in my list of resolutions. Sadly, it never materialized.

Just this Monday, I don’t know whose spirit possessed me. I challenged myself to be punctual even for just a week. And guess what, I somehow did it. I was on time in four out of five days! Well, still a good start right?

So what did I do? No, I did not undergo any brain calibration or take any potion. Below, I listed five of the tricks that I have tried for this mission of the century.


1. CHOOSE A GOOD ALARM TONE. Your phone’s default alarm beep is actually good, the one which mimics the traditional alarm clock’s. Stop choosing your favorite song. Most likely, you will just enjoy sleeping more. Also, sooner or later, you’re gonna hate that song because it will always try to take you away from your beloved pillows.

Definitely not. Photo Source


2. PLACE YOUR ALARM AWAY FROM YOU. Put it over the cabinet, or hang it on your door. With this, you have to get up just to snooze or turn it off.

We all need this.  Photo Source


3. KEEP YOUR ROOM QUIET. Avoid keeping the radio on while you’re sleeping. Its noise will overpower your alarm’s.

Keep calm.  Photo Source


4. STAY AWAY FROM THE INTERNET. It’s a trap. 5 minutes in your newsfeed is actually 1 hour in reality.

It’s a trap! Photo Source


5. MINIMIZE YOUR TASKS AT HOME. It will save you time if you do some of your morning regimen somewhere else. Have an on-the-go breakfast, check your emails while in the train, or take a poop in the office restroom. Besides, their bidet will give you a better experience.

Loperamide will come in handy. Photo Source


I usually arrive five to 15 minutes earlier since I did these steps. Who knows? I might formulate 50 more tips and be able to arrive an hour earlier. Oh yes, I’ll aim for the most punctual award.



3 thoughts on “For Those Who are Never Punctual

  1. use mellow songs as alarms. yung biglaang sounds na magigising ka bigla, you’ll end up sleeping again. yung mellow going loud, dahan dahan ginigising yung diwa mo. it somehow worked for me… pero late pa din hahaha.

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