The Way to The Port of the Galleons

Another season for escapade has come. It was Romeo’s birthday and it was time to save the man from the cruelty of the city life. Romeo is a beach bum. He can stay in the waters for a whole day until he’s starving and his fingers are all wrinkled. So to celebrate his 24 years of existence, we decided to go to one of the most talked about spot for beach lovers. To Puerto Galera we went.

Disclaimer: Of all the things that I could have forgotten, it was my beloved camera which I left at home. Imagine the dismay. Left with no other choice, I was forced to use my phone camera. (My heart cringes until now.)


Romeo, being the richest guy in the group who has a car, was assigned to be the driver. This despite the fact that it was his birthday and he was just supposed to rest. We apologized for the inconvenience.

Puerto Galera is located in Oriental Mindoro, meaning we have to cross the waters to go there. We left Manila by around 4:00 AM and reached Batangas Port by 7:30 AM. We parked the car at Park & Sail, then bought ferry tickets.


The ferry started sailing by 8:30 AM and reached Puerto Galera by 9:40 AM. From there, a service van, which was a part of our travel package, picked us up and took us to our accommodation.


It was Mark who prearranged the travel package. Our accommodation was in Lucky Five Garden House. It is located in Brgy. San Isidro and is just few meters away from the White Beach. The room was air-conditioned, had one full-sized bed, one double decker bed, and a separate restroom. It also had an electric fan and cable television.

Ate Maricel briefing us about our stay in PG.
Our room was good enough for us. As long as we can sleep tight, we’re alright.


As much as possible, avoid going there if the weather forecast for the following days doesn’t seem good. We were stranded for 2 days because the coastguards forbid boats from sailing due to strong waves.


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