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Dining at The Port of the Galleons

Like any other tourist spots, Puerto Galera offers a lot of places where you can treat your tummy. Listed here are very few places where we ate during our stay in the island.


The place has a nice ambience. It was so peaceful. Ideal for retreats.

They serve cuisines of different nationalities including Japanese, Korean, American and Filipino. A bit pricy and the taste was not that outstanding.

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Exploring the Port of the Galleons

Upon our arrival at Puerto Galera, Ate Maricel (the owner of Lucky Five Garden House) briefed us that as part of our travel package, they will be in-charge of taking us to the different spots in the island. Her husband (I forgot his name) was our driver.

Ate Maricel of Lucky Five Garden House

Our first destination was the sandbar in Boquete Island. We rode on a boat to get there. The locals say that the beach front disappears during high tide. It was a good thing that it was low tide when we got there so we had time for picture taking.

No. We didn’t stay there. Can’t afford. Hahahuhu.

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