Exploring the Port of the Galleons

Upon our arrival at Puerto Galera, Ate Maricel (the owner of Lucky Five Garden House) briefed us that as part of our travel package, they will be in-charge of taking us to the different spots in the island. Her husband (I forgot his name) was our driver.

Ate Maricel of Lucky Five Garden House

Our first destination was the sandbar in Boquete Island. We rode on a boat to get there. The locals say that the beach front disappears during high tide. It was a good thing that it was low tide when we got there so we had time for picture taking.

No. We didn’t stay there. Can’t afford. Hahahuhu.

Hiding my dadbod. Hahaha!

From Boquete, we went snorkelling. I am sorry for I can’t provide pictures because reasons. But the experience was surreal. The water was so blue; the corals were alive. There were a lot of fishes in different colors. And I even saw two tortoises! It felt like I saw a legendary Pokemon!

We snorkelled on these waters! Next time I will bring an action camera.

The next day, we went to Tamaraw Falls. It is located in Brgy. Villaflor and is a bit far from White Beach, I think it took us about an hour to get there.

At Villaflor Viewdeck. Almost the wholeness of PG can be seen from here.

Unlike any other falls, reaching it was easier because it is just beside the road. Tamaraw Falls is connected to a pool where tourists can submerge, that is as long as the cold never bothers you anyway.

We ate our lunch there and after getting full, we proceeded with the next spot. Wild spirits possessed us, and we tried riding on top of our service van. Totally worth it!

The Wild Ride!

Our next destination was the Virgin Island. No, it was not called such because a lot of virgins go there, but because there is a grotto of Virgin Mary situated on a huge boulder in the island. Unlike the usual beaches we know, its shores have pebbles instead of fine sand. It was different but in a good way. We stayed there for I think four hours, and it was the reason why I had darker skin. No regrets though.

The reason behind the name of the place.
Unlike the usual beaches, Virgin Island is not that commercialized, which I think is good for it.
On the pebbles.

The night came and it was raining. Since it was supposed to be our last night in Puerto Galera, we insisted that we go and have even a glimpse of the famous White Beach. But the weather was not cooperating. The night life was almost dead. And we did not even see the whiteness of the sand. Well at least we can say that we’ve been to White Beach.

My only picture of the White Beach. But where is the white in here?

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