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Dining at The Port of the Galleons

Like any other tourist spots, Puerto Galera offers a lot of places where you can treat your tummy. Listed here are very few places where we ate during our stay in the island.


The place has a nice ambience. It was so peaceful. Ideal for retreats.

They serve cuisines of different nationalities including Japanese, Korean, American and Filipino. A bit pricy and the taste was not that outstanding.

TAMARAW FALLS (Brgy. Villaflor)

In fairness, their food was good. I think it is cheap enough especially for groups. They also offer fresh coconut for beverage.

You can see a lot of greens as you eat. You can feel your closeness to nature.



They had minimal customers by the time we got there because it was raining.

It was just located in front of our lodging. I think they have the best lomi I have ever tasted. The other food choices were also good just like their fries and bulalo. And most of all, their menu is budget friendly.


ATE MARICEL’S COOKERY (Lucky Five Garden House)

Breakfast and dinner were served as part of our travel package. They were the usual recipes our mothers cook. But it’s good enough. Except for the veggies. No. I don’t eat plants.


In general, I believe Romeo’s birthday was a good celebration. The weather may not have been nice, but the experience was still great because of the awesome company we’re in.


We’ll see you again, Puerto Galera!



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