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Kindred Spirits at the Hundred Islands

Back when I was still in grade school, I have always been curious of the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan. Every time our Social Studies teacher require us to collate photos of the natural wonders of the Philippines, these mysterious landmasses were always included in my album. And now that I am somewhat capable of reaching my dream destinations, I know in my heart that it is impossible to skip these treasures of Pangasinan.

The port where boats are waiting before sailing onto the islands. 

The Hundred Islands are scattered on the waters of Alaminos City. At dusk when the traffic is minimal, the port is about four-hour drive from Manila. Renting a boat with a tourist guide is a must in order to enjoy island hopping. In the case of our squad, boat rental is already included in the travel package we bought.

The squad is ready! Life vests are provided in case you’re not a swimmer, like me. 
The water is calm and the sun is not that harsh. Lucky us!

As we were sailing, I was mesmerized with the view of the numerous islands. There were small ones and there were big ones. There were islands resembling the shape of a turtle, of a crocodile, or maybe my imagination was just wild then. I chose not to take pictures because I was still in a trauma upon seeing Romeo’s phone jumping off the boat and being saved by his buoyant waterproof phone pouch.

We first dropped off at the Governor’s Island. I don’t know whether it was named after Gov. Vilma Santos or after that Walking Dead villain. This island is famous for its view deck where you can see the vastness of the sea scattered with green islands. You can try the zipline here and reach the Virgin Island on the other side.

From left: Romeo, Mark and Laurence. As usual, I am the one behind the camera. 
The bangkeros wait at the shore as their passengers explore the Governor’s Island. 


Earthbenders tried to invade the cave of the Governor’s Island!
Concrete stairways were made to help the tourists reach the top of the island. 
Climbing is harder than it looks! I think I lost a few kilograms just to reach the view deck!
I think I had to make a quick stop every 20 steps. At least I had additional time to take photos. 
Our sweat paid off because look at that majestic view! Postcard quality it is.
Of course, we had to try the zipline! Don’t worry, it’s not that scary. Will just cause mini heart attacks. 

The zipline experience is worth Php250. We had to wait about an hour before our turn. To be honest, I was very nervous in that one hour of waiting. Who won’t be anyway? But once you have been released off the rope, all your restlessness will go away and you’ll be surprised that you’re already enjoying the experience and the view.

The zipline led us to the Virgin Island. The island is picture perfect!

We had our lunch at Quezon Island. With eateries around and other amenities that are being offered, I can say that this island is more commercialized than the others. They also have a zipline here, a mini version of the one in Governor’s Island.

Quezon Island must be one of the islands with the most visitors. 
Took a picture from our boat. Scout Island was not in our itinerary anyway.

Children’s Island is where I enjoyed the most. The water is just shallow, perfect for those who can’t swim like me. Just be wary of the sharp rocks on some part of the beach.

Children’s Island brings out the children in us.

The Hundred Islands have a lot to offer for adventurers. Every island provides a different experience. It is impossible to visit them all in just a day, I think not even in two or three. But you don’t have to. You just have to enjoy what the time allows, and that will surely be more than enough.

Kindred spirits at the Hundred Islands!

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