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Food Review: Pangasinan’s CASA BELLA

If one day you find yourself roaming around Pangasinan and your stomach suddenly cries of hunger, you might want to pass by San Carlos City and treat yourself with savory baby back ribs. Casa Bella House of Ribs and Seafoods has tasty treats in store for random wanderers like you.

Casa Bella is located just along the San Carlos-Calasiao Road. 

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Travel Review: Pangasinan’s ISLAND TROPIC HOTEL

In comparison with our previous travels, I can say that our Pangasinan trip gave us less hassle. Kudos to Island Tropic Hotel for a comprehensive itinerary and good accommodation.

For the four of us, we were assigned in an airconditioned room with two single beds and one double deck bed. There was a restroom, a cabinet for our clothes, a television, a table, and a sink. They also handed us with towels and complimentary soap and shampoo.

Romeo and me. Mark and Laurence were sleeping already on their bed!

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The Joy that Bolinao Allows

Back when I was a naive little kid, all that I can visualize when I think of Pangasinan are the Hundred Islands of Alaminos. Well, now that I have grown up, it became clearer to me that our country is blessed with a lot of nature’s wonders, and it is almost impossible for a province to have just one tourist destination.

Kilometers away from the City of Alaminos, the town of Bolinao cradles a number of spots that will surely captivate the eyes of tourists. When our group decided to hit Bolinao, we were oriented that most of the activities that can be done here will include water. Oh yeah, I wonder when we will turn into sea creatures.

Before getting wet, our guide took the squad first to Bolinao’s famous landmarks.

St. James the Great Parish Church. The marker states that its tower which measures 75 feet was the tallest in the whole Pangasinan if not in the entire Northern Luzon.

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