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The Joy that Bolinao Allows

Back when I was a naive little kid, all that I can visualize when I think of Pangasinan are the Hundred Islands of Alaminos. Well, now that I have grown up, it became clearer to me that our country is blessed with a lot of nature’s wonders, and it is almost impossible for a province to have just one tourist destination.

Kilometers away from the City of Alaminos, the town of Bolinao cradles a number of spots that will surely captivate the eyes of tourists. When our group decided to hit Bolinao, we were oriented that most of the activities that can be done here will include water. Oh yeah, I wonder when we will turn into sea creatures.

Before getting wet, our guide took the squad first to Bolinao’s famous landmarks.

St. James the Great Parish Church. The marker states that its tower which measures 75 feet was the tallest in the whole Pangasinan if not in the entire Northern Luzon.

Inside St. James the Great Parish Church. Our guide said that the church has endured earthquakes and typhoons, which is somehow evident on its walls. 
Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. The buildings adjacent to it are already in ruins. Today, Cape Bolinao is declared as a cultural heritage. 

We haven’t started the water activities yet but we were already wet. Yes, in rained, unfortunately. But it’s fine, drizzles won’t hurt.

We reached Patar Beach by noon. And because it was raining, the sun is no where to be seen. Good riddance because we didn’t need to worry about putting on sunscreen.

Patar Beach. Its sand is fine and golden. The water is clear and is of perfect temperature.

I wasn’t able to take more pictures because of the rain. But I would totally recommend Patar Beach. There are resorts where you can check in if you need accommodation. But in our case, we just put dibs on one of the vacant cottages, ate our lunch there, and left our bags when we started swimming. Just make sure there is someone to watch over your belongings.

From left: Laurence, me, Romeo and Mark. Too bad we didn’t take photos of our beach bods.

Not so far from Patar Beach, we then proceeded to the famous Enchanted Cave. This place has a lot of spots which are perfect for photoshoots!

These Taklobo (Giant Clam) Fossils will welcome you at the entrance.
Groufie on the bridge over troubled water. 
The entrance to the cave proper. I think the spring is 50 steps under.

To dip in the spring is such a unique experience. The water is clean and crystal clear because it is mineral water! Bringing food and beverage is prohibited inside to keep the purity of the water. So don’t you dare pee in it!

At the spring! There are deep areas but don’t worry because there is a rope stretched on the perimeters. Life jackets are also offered.
The water is so clear that you can drink it. But I did not dare. I have a strong feeling that someone in this group peed. 
Selfie 101: Find your light! Haha!

In general, Bolinao is one lucky municipality to be gifted with such wonders. I know there are still other towns out there with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Right now, we don’t know where you are, but we will find you, and we will experience you. 😉


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