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Food Review: Pangasinan’s CASA BELLA

If one day you find yourself roaming around Pangasinan and your stomach suddenly cries of hunger, you might want to pass by San Carlos City and treat yourself with savory baby back ribs. Casa Bella House of Ribs and Seafoods has tasty treats in store for random wanderers like you.

Casa Bella is located just along the San Carlos-Calasiao Road. 

Located in Barangay Mazon, finding Casa Bella is not a pain at all since it’s just located along the highway. You can consult our friend Waze if you want to be sure in locking the target.

We visited Casa Bella on a Sunday afternoon, just when we were already on our way home to Manila from our Alaminos trip. There were no customers at that time so we had the whole restaurant all by ourselves.

Their place is spacious. I believe they also have a function room.

Of course, our main agenda was to have a taste of their baby back ribs. So the four of us (Romeo, Mark, Laurence and me) all ordered their best seller.

Tender Baby Back Ribs
Buffalo Chicken… uhmm… Legs? Sorry I forgot what they call it. 

Based on what we just ordered, Casa Bella’s food is nice. Not that outstanding, but good enough to make you ask for more. Their serving is a bit small, but is reasonable with their affordable price.

I believe they offer buffet on Wednesday nights. How I wish it was a Wednesday when we got there. Well, maybe we’ll try it on another road trip.

If you’re coming from Manila, I think it is not that worth it if Casa Bella is your sole reason for a 4-hour drive. But in case you’re just around the area, then I definitely recommend that you try it.

Overall Rating: 3 / 5



Casa Bella House of Ribs and Seafoods
#75 Brgy. Manzon, San Carlos City, Pangasinan
Mobile: +63.933. 431.4426 (Sun) / +63.927.751.4647 (Globe)
Visit them on Facebook



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