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The Newbie Guide to Hong Kong (by a Newbie)

If you will ask your biyahero friends on where to go for your first out of the country trip, I bet Hong Kong will be first on their suggestions. Factors for such recommendation might include:

  1. cheaper fare and expenses (as compared to other countries)
  2. minimal culture shock (fellow Filipinos are almost everywhere to help you out)
  3. less chances of having jet lag (flight is just 2-3 hours from Manila)
Hong Kong at night is such a beauty.

In this blog, I will share you my experience on how I and the Squad Boys managed to enjoy a 5-day tour in Hong Kong with a budget of less than P20,000 each. Don’t worry, just a couple of merienda meals were skipped for me to reach the budget.

We got our cheap round trip tickets via AirAsia’s Red Hot Sale. Watch out for such sales, I bet you can find cheaper deals than ours.

Wooo! It was my first airplane ride!


You have to pay it at our airport before the flight.


ACCOMMODATION – P2240 (5 days)
Online bookings like AirBnB and Hostelworld will help you find the deal that suits you. In our case, a room with 4 beds and restroom is enough, besides staycation is not really our goal in Hong Kong. We took a room in Apple Inn in Haiphong Mansion. It was actually ideal for first timers like us because it is just blocks away from the Tsim Sha Tsui Station of MTR, and is surrounded with various stores.

The rooms are small, but enough to provide you with good rest. 

Their average rate for a room for four is P1791 per night. That’s during weekdays, and could change on weekends or holidays. For 5 days, it was P8960. Divided by the four of us, P2240.


DISNEYLAND: P5000 (2 days)
Their General Admission Ticket is around P3000 (499 HKD). But friends told us that it’s better to go on a 2-day Disney Trip. So we bought 2-day tickets and got it for P5000. I suggest you buy your tickets online to avoid the queues. Also, watch out for they might have discounted promos posted on their website.



OCEAN PARK: P2800 (1 day)
Reserve your tickets online!



Octopus Card is their version of our Beep Card, just more superior in terms of utility. It can be used when riding public transportation like the MTR and bus. It can also be used in shopping and dining. One card to rule them all.


Octopus Card can bought at the MTR booth inside HK International Airport for 150 HKD (P900). You can reload in MTR stations and 7/11 stores. I think P2000 is enough for basic trips around Hong Kong.


FOOD: P2000-P3000
Hong Kong offers a variety of cuisine. In Tsim Sha Tsui, there is a series of restaurants coming from different nations. Chinese, Indian, Italian, etc. They have fast food chains that I’m sure you are a familiar of. They also have street foods that you can munch on in case you’re in a stiff budget. I think P2000-P3000 is enough for 5 days if you’re not into fine dining.


TOTAL: P19,660 – P20,660

There are other great places in HongKong that you can visit if you have the spare time. There are museums and public parks which are mostly free of cost. You can try their street foods that just costs a couple of coins. And if you have extra money to spare, you can visit the Night Markets particularly the one in Mongkok. You can find a lot of pasalubongs, and you can even haggle for discounts. It is basically their own version of Divisoria.



Overlooking Hong Kong at the Victoria Peak
A couple play music near the TST station in exchange of money.


There you go. P20,000 might look expensive. But YOLO! Money comes and goes. And for me, it feels good to spend it traveling and gaining new experiences.

Watch this video for a more visual tour of what the Tsongs of Hong Kong experienced!


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