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6 Tips for An Exceptional HK Disneyland Experience

For first timers in Hong Kong, Disneyland is one spot you should definitely not miss. Everyone who grew up with Disney characters will consider such experience a dream come true. And for us Squad Boys, the experience was extra special because at the time of our visit, there were attractions which featured the Avengers!

In this entry, I wrote down several tips which I think can somehow be helpful for those who will visit HK Disneyland for the first time.

1 Opening_1
Almost every visitor have their selfies taken with this arch.

1. Disneyland is huge, and enjoying every attraction will surely take some time. So I recommend spending two days exploring the magical place. We got our two-day tickets for P5000 each. Totally worth it.

2 Streets_6
You can reach some parts of Disneyland with their version of jeepney.
2 Streets_20
I guess this is an adaptation of the movie “Up”.
2 Streets_23
Cinderella Carousel
2 Streets_47
Mickey’s PhilharMagic
2 Streets_46
Fairy Tale Forest – presented by Pandora

2. Google might tell you that Disneyland is strict when it comes to carrying your own food. However, based on our experience, they are not that strict. We bought sandwiches outside and hid them inside our bags. The bags were inspected upon entry, but they did not do anything with our sandwiches.

2 Streets_49
Don’t worry, it’s just a diner and it doesn’t really fly.
2 Streets_48
Tomorrowland! It features exciting attractions such as the Hyperspace Mountain, Orbitron, Iron Man Experience, and Iron Man Tech Showcase.
Not in photo: Black Widow
Two Captain Americas from different multiverses.

3. Always have an umbrella ready. When we visited, it was raining. Then hours later, the sun started to shine. Then it rained again. An umbrella can help you explore the whole park no matter what the weather condition is.

Liki Tikis
Jungle River Cruise
Inside Tarzan’s Treehouse
Festival of the Lion King
Rapunzel, Merida, and Ariel in Mickey and the Wondrous Book
Tiana in Mickey and the Wondrous Book
2 Streets_31
Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
Woody doing a salute at Toy Story Land.

4. When the Nighttime Parade starts, people will surely gather near the Sleeping Beauty castle to have a closer look of the floats. If you are not interested with watching the parade, that is the perfect time to ride the attractions which usually have long lines. In our case, we rode the Hyperspace Mountain for 4 times. There was no queue at all!

“Disney Paint The Night” Nighttime Spectacular
“Disney Paint The Night” Nighttime Spectacular
“Disney Paint The Night” Nighttime Spectacular
“Disney Paint The Night” Nighttime Spectacular

5. If you will visit for two days, I suggest you watch the first night of the fireworks display near the Sleeping Beauty castle for a closer look of the pyrotechnics. Then at the second night, watch it from the Main Street station of the Railroad for a wider view.

“Disney in the Stars” Fireworks

6. Take lots of pictures! But don’t let the photoshoots hinder you from having an exceptional Disney experience. The photos on your cameras maybe great, but the best memorabilia you can have are the ones that will be forever sketched in you heart.

“Disney in the Stars” Fireworks

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