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It was in August 2017 when we decided to hit the beach again. It was planned for about a month, and we were lucky af because there were two typhoons in the country during our scheduled trip (thank you Isang and Jolina).

Crystal Beach Resort is located in San Narciso, Zambales. Unlike most beach destinations we’ve visited before, we did not need to ride a boat to reach Crystal Beach since it can be reached by car. In fact, they have a good parking space.

I think Isang and Jolina affected the cleanliness of the water.

Crystal Beach Resort is best known as a good surfing spot. However, we were not able to enjoy the water due to the weather condition. The waves were too big that we were being called by the life guards whenever we go a few meters away from the shore. Actually, you won’ t want to try swimming at the beach during our time of visit. The water was dirty, the shallow part was rocky, and the sand was dark which we did not like. The shore was filled with garbage, tree branches, and logs. Yes, the typhoons were to blame, and it was just disappointing.

The lifeguard warns guests to avoid going far from the shore.
The effect of the typhoons.

About a hundred meters from the beach, we saw an inflatable kiddie pool. And since we were so desperate to plunge in the water, we excitedly run towards it. And guess what. It was being drained at that moment. But we were decided. We swam and dived in five inches of water.

Poor doggos. Can’t swim even if they want to.

For our accommodation, we booked their Timothy tree house for P3,000 per night. It is an air conditioned room good for four people which I guess measures around 30 square meters. To be honest, we did not enjoy staying in the room. The ceiling was too low that we can’t stand up inside. We needed to bend just to reach our beds. And since it is a tree house, it is elevated and we needed to take the stairs to enter the room. I thought it was dangerous for the drunk ones. Also, the room did not have its own bathroom and we had to walk several feet to reach the shared restroom.

Timothy tree house. Photo credit to Weekend Biyahera.
Timothy tree house. Photo credit to Weekend Biyahera.

Crystal Beach Resort offers various activities for visitors. Aside from surfing and swimming, guests can try basketball and volleyball since the resort has makeshift courts for said sports. There are also obstacle courses which could be good for team building activities. Still, we weren’t able to try any of these because of the occasional rains and it was slippery.

There are designated spots for campers.
Because it rained from time to time, campers set their tents under the roof.

As for food, the resort has their own restaurant. As a matter of fact, they offer free breakfast buffet. However, it will be harder if you want to go on a food trip because the resort is a bit far from the town proper. Also, they have corkage fee.

The Restaurant
I believe there was a Mayweather fight then.
The Breakfast Buffet
The Breakfast Buffet

In conclusion, our trip at Crystal Beach Resort was a bit of a disaster. Well yeah, maybe because there were two natural disasters at the time of our visit. Well, I can’t speak in behalf of other guests. But for us, we got more stressed than relaxed.

Overall Rating: 1.5/5


Crystal Beach Resort
Purok 1-B, Brgy. La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales
Smart: +63.939.908.0373 | Sun: +63.922.858.5858 | Globe: +63.917.832.8050
Visit their Website

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